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Unscreened 2013

Black Sheep Management & Productions and Firefly – with the new, exciting partnership of Anonymous Content – brought back UNSCREENED for the third time, once again presenting four new short plays by some of Hollywood’s fastest-rising writers. The 2013 UNSCREENED writers were Will Wissler Graham, Daria Polatin, Mallory Westfall, and Corinne Kingsbury, and the plays were directed by Oscar-nominee Colin Campell and Anna Christopher, along with Will Wissler Graham and Daria Polatin. The cast included Robert Baker, Brooke Bloom, Nathan Corddry, Michael Stahl-David, Kelli Garner, Spencer Garrett, Will Greenberg, Steven Klein, Lindsey Kraft, Joshua Leonard, Lindsay Pearce, and Chris Starr.

UNSCREENED press, including a feature article in the Los Angeles Times can be found here.

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