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Unscreened 2014

Firefly is pleased to announce that Unscreened expanded in 2014 thanks to its exciting partnership with Haven. In 2014, Unscreened included the March production, which completed its fourth year, and a brand new Summer Series presented staged readings of 5 more new plays.

The writers for the March production of Unscreened 2014 were: Nick Confalone and Neal DusedauEric LedginDan Mirk, and Niki Schwartz-Wright. The cast included J. Claude Deering, Robert Baker, Jon Barinholtz, Jill Bartlett, Katherine Brandt, Patrick Censoplano, Nick Court, Kandis Erickson, Ryan Harrison, Neil Hopkins, Kiva Jump, Chris Marquette, Kate Miner, Brian Sacca, Michael Stahl-David, Melissa Stephens, Eric Tiede, Angela Trimbur, Amanda Walsh, and Chris Witaske.

In addition, the inaugural presentation of the Summer Series in September featured staged readings of new plays written and directed by Harris Danow, written by JP Derrick & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and directed by Daria Polatin, written by Celine Geiger and directed by Susanna Fogel, written by Jordan & Justin Shipley, and written by Justin Sternberg and directed by Logan Kibens. The cast included: Beth Behrs, JB Blanc, Jeff Bratz, Drew Brooks, Gwendoline Christie, Adelaide Clemens, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Eliza Coupe, Will Greenberg, Ingrid Haas, Rob Huebel, Lauren Lapkus, Will McLaughlinLeighton Meester, Thomas Middleditch, Carly Pope, Amy Ellenberger Shapiro, Michael Showalter, and Michael Stahl-David.